I Be There 4 U



                        I be there 4 u

     I be there 4 u         

                             I be there

            I be there

                      I be there 4 u

                           Till life goes through

                I will keep my words for i gave u a c l u e

                       Lyk I said " I be there 4 u"

                           As difficult it sounds.

               Life is a different, from a point of view. 

            As the Night stay silent,There was a Pound. 

     many few could not sleep due to the sound . As the Night Grew with anger.

            My heart Beat seem to beat stonger. As the whistle blew. 

      I snap in to place cause i saw you. Standing in the dark holding my hands 

                       Telling me it's ok to go up and over. 

           Sprint till i felt a sharp pain in my heart and my skin grew colder. 

                   The night closes as if i have done my part.

                          As my blood spills over my Outfit.



     This is strange, I founded myself in my casket.

        I can't believe I went through life and pass it.

           I won't be there for u as I did my best.

                           Just carry on through

                       But my life is this with you.

                          "Till Dawn to Night"

        As shadow pass through the dreadful sight.

            I will cry till I pass through the night.

                           Don't be afraid as I

                               Stand Beside

             The whole world should be in bright.

          As my soul rest for fighting this night.

                  For the love of u that will not

                              Blind my sight.

                    As my last words to u is

                         "I BE THERE 4 U "

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