I am..Scholarship Slam

No matter how rotund or skinny I may be, I am who I am.

And no matter what the people see, I am who I am.

See, I've spent too much time looking in the mirror, checking myself out, & making sure that I fit in with the standards of society, that I've gotten caught up and forgot that...I am who I am.

"You're pretty for a black girl." What's that supposed to mean?

It's funny how a person can say that and be so serene.

I'm tired of society telling me what to do and what I should be, Can't I just be pretty?

Or has the media got every person thinking that light is the key? I know the Lord said "Let there be light." But let's not forget, he made light out of darkness. 

I am who I am because I say I am.

And with that, I can do anything.

I can be imperfect, rotund, serene or whatever I choose.

But just remember that I am who I am, which is ME and not YOU.

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Our world
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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