I Am...Life


United States
39° 34' 32.3616" N, 104° 57' 23.0688" W
I am the story of your timeline  
The story of your headline
I am the innumerable amounts of times you told your kids they would have a better life.
The emotions, the disappointment I see in your eyes  when told your fourteen year old daughter is pregnant.
I am the sadness when your son has been shot, can you feel me? 
I am the restraint required instead of picking up a gun. 
I am the happiness you feel when you walk across the stage and turn your tassel. 
I am the pride in a mother when she's raised her daughter into a beautiful young woman. 
 I am the birth of a new beginning 
I am the courage exhibited by a  mother who gives her baby up for adoption 
            "Be strong," they say.
I am the alcohol in which your father consumed countless amounts of and then became enraged and showed the side you hate. 
      Then it becomes too late and your mother is lying in a casket covered with bruises that cannot be covered by the make-up she once wore to cover her natural beauty.
I am the condom you threw away. 
   The disgraceful badge you wear for your unborn child, and the child support check for 18 years.
I am the tears, the fears she has when she sees her mother's boyfriend's face hoping he won't touch her, but cant tell because he said he'll kill her. 
I am life and without me where would you be?
            Unable to share changes, and hardships, and promotions to commotions. 
But I give you all things, great things and all I get in return is being taken for granted...Slanted! like italics backwards like the "S" on my chest because I am super and without me you are nothing....literally.
So live  me like never before. 
Girls, use your brains instead of your bodies. 
Boys, open books instead of opening bags of weed
Gang members, put down your guns and bandannas and put on your gowns and caps. 
I am life and without me you would be nothing....
This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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