I Am...Colorless

Sun, 09/20/2015 - 21:14 -- Apoland


The Mixed Kid, the one in the front of the class that gets judging stares as to ask why I am there. 

I am the Mixed Kid, The person always confused at which race they follow.  

I am the Mixed Kid, the indivdual that is constanting mistaken as for a foster kid because of the paleness of my mother's skin. 

I am the Mixed kid, half white, half black yet no caterogy is placed for me. 

Despite all of this however, i manged to find a place for myself. Not one of white or black , purple, pink , green , and brown....but a colorless one. 

Interesting isn't it a world without color, Where the color of your skin doesn't define the quality of your life. 

So, I decided not to be the Mixed kid, but the colorless one. 



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