I Am A Woman

Didn’t you hear?

Up is actually down,

And firm no’s…

actually just mean yes

You can do whatever you want,

Because that’s really what I was asking for

According to my “provocative clothing”

And “seductive glare”


And no,

Whoops, silly me,

Don't you see how confusing those two words are?

I meant yes.

My voice should not be heard,

For I am the lesser of mankind,

And yes!

Of course I will bow down,

Because that is where I belong.


Ha, I almost forgot my place,

I was about to step out of the kitchen,

But don’t worry honey,

I will get right back in

And make you whatever you want

Because I am the servant to your life

And I won’t,

Oh oops there I go again,




I’m sorry Brock,

I forgot that it in this world,

The Opposite one,

It’s alright to assault an unconscious woman,

Better yet,

It’s super easy to get away with

Don’t worry,

I won’t make that mistake next time


My bad Mr. Trump,

I’m sorry that I’m only a seven,

I’ll try my hardest to measure up to

Your misogynistic,

Oops I meant charming



Oh, and my biggest apology

Goes to you


I’m sorry for being a woman,

Who does



Want to hear anymore of your condescending remarks

Because despite our opposites,

I am worthy of




And equity

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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