I Am A Woman


United States
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I am a woman
Not the woman on the front page of a magazine,
But a woman with thick thighs, and a large bust.
A woman of words, and a woman of thought.
I am a woman of dilligance and of pride.
I am a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind.
Never have I loved, for I am too wise.
Men came and went but not one did plan to stay.
I keep my head high, for I am a woman of class.
Many despise me, I smile and pass by.
I think politely and never do I curse;
But who am I kidding, I slip up a few times.
I am a woman who is strong, who fights for what she believes.
I am a woman who is happy. A woman who is independent.
For I am a woman,
And a woman am I.
And this woman, well this woman is


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well said

unbelievable confidence in your expression

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