I Am Who I Am


I come from everywhere, and everywhere is where I am from.

But can I eat the whole cookie without leaving a crumb?

I am my mother and my father put into one.

My favorite color is purple and everyday I run.

But can I handle the truth? That is something I wonder.

A couple of seconds ago, I started out simple.

Now, I am reaching under.

Let me reach beneath the smile I put on for the day.

Behind the scenes of daily txt msgs saying "hey."

Can I be who I am 100%?

They teach us that in school, but is that really what they meant?

I want the world to change, I want it different.

There is too much evil, and I know who sent it.

I have bad inside me, I must admit.

Sometimes, it is a big fire that is always lit.

Other times, I keep it in. Stay away from others.

Nowadays, I try to fix myself and cover the covers.

Who am I? I am me.

Me as in a person with flaws.

Major flaws most of the time abiding by laws but still fighting the common cause.

Coming back to this poem day by day, adding what I think I would truly say.

Adding what I think about everyday, taking one day at a tme, trying to remember to pray.

This is me, I, myself. Not him or her or what they felt.

Went to church, I felt relieved.

Time to apply what I learn and strive to achieve

Achieve to believe whole heartedly that I am doing my best.

The ultimate me I can be, not compared to the rest.

These are the things on my chest, my innners and my problems.

It doesn't matter where I put them, they will always be in the same columns.

I work for this and I work for that, and some things will bring me down.

But one thing I will always know for sure is I get back up because I refuse to drown.

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