I am who I am

How could you say it wasn't your fault

You're putting my life into a halt

you think it's okay

to treat me that way

I will escape this from this assault


I've always felt like a slave to you

hurting me and filling me with blue

I've just had enough

I'm done with this stuff

goodbye to the person I once knew


You only cared about yourself right

I'm only here because of your plight

you won't let me go

you always say no

well I am ready to show my might


you will never keep me in lockdown

never again another sad frown

I don't give a damn

I am who I am

Don't try to miss me when I leave town


I can't change what happened I know that

but you can't just put me on the flat

it is sad but true

but I'm not a fool

i wouldn't do it again like that


I and I alone know what I am

and you think that this is just a sham

but i say goodbye

to mister shy guy

and so do this original slam

This poem is about: 
My family
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