I Am Waiting

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 17:34 -- cdjran

What have I done wrong

that you do this to me

I cannot sleep well at night

Thinking for you always

I never remember the wrong that I have done

That you distance yourself from me

I love you from the bottom of my heart

If not I will never connect with you my love

I went to Angeles yesterday

And drive for long distance

I never eat nor sleep well

You are always in my mind

My parents knew you

That you are the lover of my soul

But you have change and say something

Which they are asking about you to me

I cannot response nor say anything

Because you have change a lot babe

It pains to know

That you deleted my number

Then how can I call you

How, my babe

It really pains my heart

Because you are the lover of my heart

You are there in the deepest part

I don't want anyone

I only want you 

I want you to be my forever

But it kills me

Makes me cry

Makes me weak

And I wanna die

Why this is happening

I cannot understand

You have change a lot

I want you in my side

My heart is grieving

My soul is perishing

Come back my sweetheart

Make me alive again

Make me smile

Make me well

I miss your touch

I miss your smile

Are you a witch

Bewitching me

Wherever I go

I see your face

Please my babe

Come back to my arms

I need you

I miss you

I love you

I do hope you are reading

All my words

I hope you are feeling

The strong feelings for you

I hope you hear

The sound of love

I fell for you

Come back babe

I am waiting for you.


To my lady: Cris, my one and only love


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