I am strong......am I?


I am a strong independent black woman,

but how strong am I?

You’re suppose to be the strong one, they tell me

but how can I be strong for everyone else if I can’t even be strong for myself?

Don’t you dare let them see you cry, they’ll think you’re weak

So I discreetly wipe the silent tear before they are seen

You’re suppose to be strong remember?

you have to be the person who never shows to much emotion

but just enough


I can’t even really recall when I put on this mask

I just know that once I put in on it was impossible to take off

In a way I don’t know if I ever want to take off this mask

The thoughts of possibly getting treated the way the weak do

is the fear that I will always carry with me

It’s like the baggage that will always follow you

no matter where you go, they will remember

they will remember you’re the strong one

you’re the one everyone is scared of

So here I am again wearing the my mask

One day I’ll be free.

Free of my mask

I just hope I’ll be ready

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