I am strong. Strong, I am.


Troubled times strengthen my soul with love, 
Heartache fills me with joy.
Loneliness fills me with gratitude. 
Betrayal enlightens my intellect.
The burnings of words brightens my countenance.
I am strong. Strong, I am. 
People and their mean eyes, never catch me by surprise. 
The pain I've felt, is weakness leaving my body. 
False witness encourages me to be still.
The craftiness of men brings wisdom to my eyes. 
Harsh words will never make me cry!
I am strong. Strong, I am. 
You cannot destroy me.
You will not expose me.
You can't even suppose me.
Do you want to be me? 
Carry on weak man, carry on. 
Your destruction is not far long.
Yet a little while, and you shall be gone. 
Even as the dusty winds in a mown lawn. 
I am strong. Strong, I am.
Your fear is wiser than your thoughts.
You are weak, lonely, & poor at heart.
Don't let my kindness fool you.
I am much stronger than you. 
Like I said before, you will not destroy me. 
The Lord is with me, constantly.
Because of His grace, I can move on.
I am strong. Strong, I am. 
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