I am strong minded female

I am a strong minded Hispanic women is something that is not only wrong but unusual to hear. A strong minded Hispanic women with no father is not only unusual but there would be a sob story behind it. Do not sob me I don't want regretful words of your own past to make me feel at wrong that I should not pity my own worns. My own painful sorrows that dreadfully knocks on my own mind during lunch hours and school hours to where I ignore those knocks and kicks at my own mind because I am strong, so I say because if I do not call myself strong I would not have a reason to keep going in a world where the society is explicitly against a strong minded Hispanic / African/ Asian/ Indian whatever of the sense of a minority women where we grow up playing with Babies that are  blonde with awfully exaggerated breasts that that is the epitome of what a female should look like and cater to their " hard working " husbands where you are waking up everyday to feed off his needs. Well that is not me , I want my own career and don't tell me(men) that a women with a strong mind should not feel this way don't tell me that we live in a mans world because with no beautiful strong body of a women there would be no man. I grew up with no man teaching me how to defend myself to perverted animals as well with to not give myself to a worthless boy who showers me in glossy compliments just to get me to bed but a women, yes a strong minded Hispanic women taught me to defend my own self to not let the color of my skin or the private on my body define on where I am going in this world. I will be successful and don't tell me I do not deserve that.
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Our world
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Hi I shared this poem with you to not only to show my passion for writing but to create a better future for me to earn a scholarship. I would gladly take any opinion to better myself.

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