I Am a Silent Rank.


United States
39° 14' 39.966" N, 84° 31' 57.7344" W

I am the one who stands behind him,
Through everything;
Time change,
None of it matters,
None of it can measure up
To my love for him.

But it's hard,
'Cause I have to be the one,
The one that stays behind.
I'm the one who,
Who puts on the smile,
No matter how much I miss him.
I'm the one who,
Who will love him to the end,
The one who no one sees,
No one recognizes.

I'm standing strong at home,
supporting my Marine every step.
I have no ring,
No papers
Saying I'm his forever.
But look in my heart,
And you'll find a silent rank,
Waiting for him to come home
And be in my arms forever.
Semper fi <3
And love forever <3


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