I Am Second

Sat, 11/21/2015 - 16:39 -- Reoni

I Am….Second by Reoni Newsome

I am second.

In a race? Not quite

I am my best critic

My worst competitor in this competition called life

I am second.

It’s not about me

It never has been

From my predecessors that precede me

To the beginning of life in the Garden of Eden

I am second.

The exception to the rule; the proprieties

Surrounded by rule breakers abiding to the standards of this society

Second to respond, putting my flesh beside me

Breaking the fetters from the brusque words that were binding

First to give advice, second to take it

Second to choose vulnerability, but first to raise the stakes and

Challenging myself,  daring to dream; to tell truths

Making me second to human nature, despite the untruths and treachery and treachery that seems s to cloud rooms

Second to my tongue

Choosing my battles and my words

Speaking life to situations, when death rallied in retaliation

Recognizing who I am and whose I am makes me second

Feeling small lifting my eyes unto the hills, and even farther up to the kingdom

Neither the first to be found, nornor the last to be lost

The cost was paid; I kneel with clear eyes and a full heart.

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