I Am Scared to Sleep

Your voice haunts me.

Your image dances in my head.

I cannot escape this feeling

that's been filling me with dread.

I am in a constant cycle

of anxiety and despair,

'cause every time I go to sleep,

I'll see you standing there.

Your arms will wrap around me,

I'll feel safe and sound,

but I wake up every morning

and you're nowhere to be found.

I see you every day

and I thought I could escape you,

but my mind is just another place

where I am unable to shake you.

So I tried to avoid

going to sleep at every cost,

but this overbearing restlessness

has only made me feel more lost.

Please get out

before I love you even more,

for these dreams are just reminding me

of the way we felt before.

I find myself collapsing

on the floor in one big heap.

Leave me alone

so I'm not scared to fall asleep.

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