I am rich

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 18:07 -- Alharge
I'm rich.  
I may not have more than 20 dollars in my wallet. 
And my Health my not always be 100%. 
I have a mother and a father. 
That makes two parents. 
Which is already more than the next person. 
I have a house that may be small  but has four walls that 
Are held up by love. 
The two best friends in the world. Which is pure luck. 
I have ambition and I'm able to make good decisions that
Will help me I'm the future. 
I can go to school without being segregated. 
I live in a country where I can speak freely and 
not be stoned in fount of the city. 
Or executed on tv. 
Think about all the things you can't buy with money. 
A king size bed. Yes a place to rest your head. 
To sleep but never rest. 
The best healthcare in the country. All the doctors in the world. 
But not enough to keep you alive. When your health is failing. 
You can buy people by never friends to family. 
Therapy but never a mind that thinks peacefully. 
Attention but no respect. 
Makeup but not beauty. 
Books but no wisdom 
Not love
 Not humility 
Not honesty 
Not happiness
Not good memories
Money gives people so much power but It don't last forever. 
So the next time you feel poor 
because you can't pay for the greatest technology or the latest Jordan's. 
Think about what you have that billionaires can never afford. 


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