I am the Red Raven

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”
Because that man is not a man, or a woman,
or a figment of your imagination.
Just as I am not a man, or a woman,
or a figment of my own imagination.

That shy creature behind the curtain
is an entity.
Of words,

I am an entity because my mind is my identity.
I hide behind the mask of my body
as others know it to define me.

I may be short, but my imagination fills up
all the space that isn’t within my physical limitations.
My eyes may be weak, but my vision reaches
far beyond the fathomable,
and the light blue shading to them
means nothing more than an indication
of an infinity of contemplation.

My body does not and will not define who I am
yet I hide behind it every day
because of the simplicity it offers -
I do not wish to explain the things I know,
when others do not care or understand.

I am an entity of femininity but I am not a woman
because of my body, as most would believe.
If I were a color I would be
because of my passion, intensity, and love
for humans just as they are -
If I were an animal I would be
a raven,
for my ability to look deep into myself,
and to acknowledge the dark as well as the light.

My gender is in my inner femininity
yet labeling it seems so severe,
considering that when you slap the label
on anything, any characteristics it has
automatically have new labels.
If I am a woman and
I am confident – I am a bitch.
If I enjoy carnal pleasure – I am a whore.
If I am conservative – I am uptight.
I am automatically assumed to be

Yes, I am feminine,
but I will always be
in charge,

I am an entity of thought
yet to everyone else I am simply a girl,
and my eyes speak all the words I do not wish to say
The day I stop questioning the impossible
will be the day that
I lose myself.
Yet to the rest of the world,
I will remain the same. 


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