I am ...question mark

I am of African Decent

I do not know the beautiful country of which my family is derived

i know not the mother tounge

but the taken tounge

given after my initial one was taken

spoken one last time

a whisper of wind blowing over oceans until arriving to its lcation of birth

i know not where i come from but who 

i know that representation matters

i know that my blood comes from kings and queens

in great african lands 

building puramids

creating scientific theors

abd mathmatical laws

i know that i more than The few names mentioned in our textbooks

than the few successful faces used in the media

than the few black actors and actresses being recignized for outstanding roles at award shows

I am part of a people made to look inferior

i am told the white man invented all great things

i am taught the man with wooly hair does not resemble me

i am shown looters as the face of peaceful protest 

i am conditioned to believe that anglo is ammo  powe

the exitic the better

the less black the great

i see white as the angel

and black as the burning bodies of hell



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