I Am Poem

Thu, 07/11/2013 - 05:27 -- QCVC

I am from the land of the lost Where people lose their lives to to irrelevant things I am from where everything has a cost Where fun times used to happen on the swings      People say that you're a product of your enviroment But honestly I've risen above the influence Working hard so that I can take care of my mom's retirement Getting into UB was no coincidence      I am from the land of the palm trees Where every one has had a bowl of pho I am brought up to realize to only care about me Where you greet everyone with 'wassup cuh'      Taught to never give up and always try Came from a family where everyone is stern Catch a hold on life before it passes by Now my mind is hungry and now I yearn      I am from where the weather is always good Where respect is earned by what you do with your hands I am where not everyone is always understood Where every corner is covered by a taco stand      All I want is a brighter future And the only person to make that happen is myself If I don't change I can only blame me I want to have awards fill up my shelves 


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