I Am One


United States
31° 53' 47.2956" N, 106° 25' 43.7124" W

To strangers I am one,
Who is quiet and withdrawn,
And only to the ones I love,
I open up.

To strangers I am one,
Who might not speak very much,
In this life,
But eternal life,
Is always on my mind.

To all I am one,
Who is friendly and kind,
I like to help
When trouble is nearby,
because it makes me feel fine.

To strangers I am one,
Who doesn't read or draw,
But by my own,
What I see, is what I draw,
And what I know,
Is what I read.

To myself I am one,
Who strives,
to make everything right,
But I know,
That wisdom and perfection,
only come from One.


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