I Am Nothing Without You

I lost faith in everything I believed

Lord knows the pain I have living with this grief.

I lost sight of who I am,

Can someone please tell me His plan.


I’ve done all the wrong I possibly could

There is no way in me turning good.

I’ve brought shame and anger upon myself

How dare can I go back when I’ve lost pride in oneself.


I don’t believe that I can be forgiven

But I beg of You please, don’t let me be forsaken.

I gave you my heart, and I gave you my trust

But all that means nothing when I keep growing apart.


I try and try to see the light through it all,

But it keeps getting harder when all I do is fall.

I know you can hear me, through my silent cries

So I’ll wait for your help that comes in any disguise.


I walked away from you for thousands of miles,

That all my sins kept lining up in aisles.

I denied your love, and I denied my faith,

Now look at me, I’m such a disgrace.




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