I am no pot

Beep* Beep* all around me there is light, I see a hovered table full of adolecent duplicated faces peering in with judgement and vile 

Beep* Beep* In there hands they hold scaples and needles and blood trickles down their glove prostetic hands

Beep* Beep* who is their martered victim being mangled and twisted into a mold like soft pottery to fit society standards, who are they cloning to look like them....yes, they all do look very similar

Beep* Beep* I...it's....why I peer into the water and I see myself rippled into something else, changed by them, as they once where, I can not let them alienate me from myself

Beep* Beep* they beat me with their unsteady hand and force me into the mold they made so they can fire me up in a kiln so I can rise and not be who I was to be

Beep*Beep* that is not me, I refuse, they apply more and more pressure, if I can hold on I will be a diamond, I can...can....can't


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