I am my history

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 08:37 -- burnoj

I am from oppression

hate, judgment, and fear

The years of pain of my people


And shame lasting a lifetime


I am from the stubbornness of a mule

Raised and destined for a bright future

Of love of my dark skin


The struggle for equality

And rights

Black little girls and black little boys

wish for at night


I am the reason they fought so hard

Cried so much

Were beaten bloody and

Refused to let fear devour them

As though a tiger eating its first meal in weeks


I am from harsh times and

Destroyed homes and families

Caused by a white man’s touch



I am from God-granted-strength

A will unable to be broken by man

And a fire unable to be put out by that of the strongest water


Because of this

I learn I am also from African Kings and Queens

That would bow down to no man

Purple, blue, brown, or white


I am reborn like a phoenix

And I will rise to the challenge

For I am from strength and will and love

I am from hope


I will forever be tied to that enslaved past that proclaims

Captured but not conquered

And of that I am proud

For as my people have shown again and again

I am from strong blood that will surely sustain my journey


This poem is about: 
My country


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