I am more than what society has assigned me to be

Wed, 09/30/2015 - 15:00 -- loracg


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Born in the States  

But raised with two cultures 

I have fought to find the place I belong. 

My gender decides if stay at home or work 

my ethnicity decides what I'm capable of. 

for such a long time I never thought I was more 

than what my skin and gender showed 

there's no way I was in Ap courses 

because my skin says I'm too dumb 

I cant be a good writer 

because I didn’t speak English first 

and there wasn’t even a chance that I could be president of a club 

because I'm too emotional and have to many feelings to be able to run one 

little by little im proving people wrong 

fighting back and proving im worth someone 

I'm not growing up to be a maid 

Or be stuck at home all day to cook and clean 

I want more things in life than this label says I can have 

I am capable of greater things 

I will accomplish all my dreams 

and I will escape my stereotype 

I will escape the gender roles 

and I will become all the things I'm capable of 

I am more than what society has assigned me to be 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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