I Am Me

What makes me awesome?

Sometimes it's hard to see.

I'm no Shakespeare or Milton--nor will I ever be.


I'm not the "Queen B" at school,

Sometimes I wonder if I even have friends.

I'm the certified good girl, who just isn't cool.

And I'm terrible at following trends. 


Sure, I try to fit in.

But that doesn't exactly work out.

I try so hard it should be a sin!

Yet, I'm the outsider--there's no doubt. 


Yes, I'm on the soccer team,

But that doesn't make me good.

Playing soccer just isn't my dream

And I wouldn't change that, even if I could. 


Yeah, I play in marching band,

But I never touch first part.

My musical fantasies must soon land,

Because apparently, I don't play with my heart. 


Sure, I did a bit for theatre,

But I never got the lead.

Not scoring very high on the skill-o-meter,

I guess I wasn't blessed with the acting seed. 


I dabble at a bunch of things,

To see where I can belong.

So far, the rejection stings,

And everything feels wrong. 


Then I came to a beautiful realization.

Maybe, I'm not wrong; it's just my destination! 


I don't need a group of people at my side, 

Whispering to me all sorts of fanciful lies,

Who are really with me just for the ride.

My power is limitless--it's time I let it rise! 


There's nothing I can't do.

Who is going to stop me? YOU?

I have the biggest heart I've ever known,

And looking back, I see how it's grown 

Through the touch of kindness towards others.

Need I say more? I'll give you another!

I may not be brilliant, but I am quite bright,

And I don't stop a problem until I get it right.

Though I am bold, I always speak my mind.

I'm not a girl who shies away, I'm one of a different kind. 

Don't you dare tell me who I am. 

I can do anything I think I can. 


So, what makes me awesome?

That should be easy to see. 

I am awesome because I am always true to me. 


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