I am me

 I am me, the little girl who sits quietly , in the corner at the back of the room. i live in my own world, a world full of tears and heart brakes.. but thats ok after all its just me. i am the little girl who doesnt have friends, one who is humiliated and embarrased by the fact that i am indeed a loner, it frightens everyone but with me its ok after all i am just me. i cry my self to sleep, wishing that the nightmare i live in by day could end, i try to ignore it and hope it will fade but no, it would just rather stay. i feel like i am abondoned by my own life, left there to die, but no one cares, why should they after all it is just me. i sick of me, i am sick of just being me.... fading into the darkness just becuase i am me, someone i cant change even if my heart so whole heartedly longs to. why? why me? i could be anyone and i am stuck with being me... but i guess it shouldnt matter, after all it is just me. aer  after  why should iwheiw   , wh.

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