I am a life filter


Who are we?

Who is me?

What do I see,

When I look at he?

I see a guy

Who lives in a time

Where everyone preaches individuality

Be yourself

Dont judge

Be unique

But the same guy

Cant get a like on Instagram

If he doesn't use a filter.

I see a guy who doesn't really fit in

What's the point?

If I want to be seen?

Why would I want to fit in?

I want stand out

Go against the crowd

Be how I see me

Not how society sees me.

I want to be free

Of societal constrictions

I want to be me

Me without fitting in

Me without selfies

Me with my words

My thoughts

My actions

My kindness

My love

I wasn't born to camouflage

I was born to add color to this world

I AM a filter,

Not an instagram

But a natural one

Changing the way the world is perceived

Changing the way humanity is portrayed

Because I am a person

Who truly believes

That in order to see change

The change starts with me.

I am a life filter

Let me show you

How the world is seen through me.



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