i am known as the artist


United States
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prince is formerly known as the artist
i am known as the modern day artist
i am a artist that speaks to young people about truth
dont be a con artist that speaks lies and make people lives full of misery
i am a artist that plays the game of basketball with sas
never be a wannabe that shows off to a chick on the court, she'll be with the next dude giving him ass
i am a artist that dance with the expression of enjoyment
dont ever be a dude that dances to grab a girl or else she'll smack you making your night an embarrassment
i am a artist that talks to people with decency
dont be like these scumbags and talk at people with animosity
they will leave you hanging like hangman when you dont get the letters to solve a puzzle
being an artist is not all about music, its what defines my trait
and believe me, people want to see me fall because all they do is hate

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You speak about being confident with who you are and what you want to teach others, and I admire you doing so through your poetry.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

im humbly appreciative that you admire my writings
its about spreading thoughts that allows readers and viewers to think
this can very well be inspirational to many
check out my other poems

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