Being me, I've had alot of issues...,problems...,nightmares,...whatever you wanna call 'em. I've just had alot of them. But like some person always says there's always a calm after the storm...or before the storm. I've lived on this weird strange wrecked planet for 18 years.

18 years of pain, 18 years of saddness,18 years of happiness,18 years of laughter 18 years of fake heartbreaks. 18 long years living in this earth. Now i say living in instead of living on because living on sounds like your on top of it. Whereas living in it means your experiencing it, your enjoying it,your ... well living in it. My life has been a crazy twister of mixed feelings, emotions and actions. From  having to be put in foster care, to having to watch my dad carry my dead dog away to bury it, to finding out that my dad wasn't even my real dad. Now I know I've mentioned some bad stuff, but like I said before the calm after the storm.

Now we get to the good stuff like, yearly family reunions, to going to my first concert, to passing all three of my math classes I had to take during my junior year.  You  see my life isn't all butterflies and rainbows like most peoples lifes are. But I usually try to manage to look at the positive side...at least as long as nothing worse can happen  than it already is. I've had to grow up at an early age, which in more ways than one has shaped myself to try to become self- independent. Unfortunately that isn't what my parents feel. They love to smother and hover over me like I'm one of those bad kids like from Beyond scared Straight.  Which is soooo wrong, I'm an awesome,kind, sweet girl. I'm not like  everyone else. I'm not like the girls who are obsessed with getting starbucks everyday, or the girls who have to get a new weave and put on make up religiously. I AM INDIVIDUALLY UNIQUE...I AM ME.

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