I am an illusion


A facade of what you want me to be.

You want nice, I am perfectly pleasant

You want smart, I am intelligent

You want silent, I am mute

When people need me I am there

If I am sad and they need someone happy I am ecstatic

If I am irritated and they need someone patient I am the essence of patience

That is what I do.

I am an illusion; I am someone that adapts to survive

Too many times I’ve sat unhappy with my action but pleased someone else is pleased

It’s my natural high, through the years I have been on this addictive drug

I want to say:

Now it’s my turn

I want to be loud, I will be obnoxious

I want to be silly, I will be goofy

I want to be lethargic, I won’t even move

No more of the compliance.

No more of the mask I wear for people.


This world does not comply for me, this world shapes me.

I am an illusion, so good at what I do.

I even have myself fooled.

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