I am a human being

I am a human being

Although young and, yes, possibly naive

I breath and feel and cry just like you


I give in to peer pressure

I put way too much on my plate

but I dont eat half of it

Because being fat makes you ugly, so they say


I work hard

But sometimes life gives me shit 

So when I don't do that homework you wanted so desperately me to do

get. over. it.


I am not a number or a letter

I'm not that wrong answer from that important test that I bombed last semester

My grade doesn't define me


I may doze off in your class

But do not be so self centered to think that it's because you're boring me

you are

I just didn't get any sleep last night


I don't always raise my hand

I'll be wrong sometimes

You and your pointless busy work won't always be my priority


Stop thinking my entire life revolves around your expectations

It doesn't

Because I'm young and I'm naive

and I have to screw up now, when it doesn't count





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