I. Am. Free?

I've seen it,
I see it always,
I see people trying to find themselves in busy hallways,
Supermarkets. Stairwells. Streets.
Rushing, climbing... struggling.
I've seen it but when I see it, I see it smart,
Wearing those new J's like they're some work of art,
Seeking materials like they leave with you, 
Now what happens when your life passes 30 and all's you have is the past to view,
Still craving, wondering.. which J's are new?
Repeating in the mirrors of yesterday,
Seemingly forever in the windows of tomorrow,
Still asking yourself what you're going to do with the rest of your life,
Still asking yourself when you're going to feed the kids,
I refuse to be there.
Trapped in a life where the harder you struggle the more you sink,
Falling into bed now consciously asking...
Am I Free?


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