I am free


Day by day

We wake up

What do we say?


Day by day

We get out of bed

All the words we say

Are just made up in our head


Day by day

We paint a picture of ourselves

For the world to see

And eventually a farewell


We avoid the pain

By showing our smile, 

Playing in the rain,

Maybe running a mile.


For this world is a cruel place.

People are killed

Because of their race

Some swallow a suicide pill


Those who are bullied

Cry themselves to sleep

And are always worried

Try to silence their weep


And in the midst of their dreams

They have all the hope in the world

That they will no longer scream

But instead they will twirl


Around and around in a circle

The only word spoken is her laughter

And then maybe she will be able

To say, "my name is Jasper...


"And I am happy.

I'll go day by day

Lost at sea

Without a word to say."


Only now am I free

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