I am the Epitome of Flawless

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 00:03 -- pheyev


What is being Flawless?
While you complain about your body I embrace mine
While you sigh and make the days shorter I live out my own and elongate them
So again I ask what is being Flawless?

What is being Flawless? 
I see the beauty in the day as I know every day is a gift
I know what its like to see the small imperfections 
I also know how to embrace them however and live out my life
So again I ask what is being Flawless? 

What is being Flawless?
The difference between me and Flaws is the ability to see that they do not hinder my life
They do nothing to help my life so I have to change that aspect daily
Their contribution to my life has therefore enlightened me
So again I ask what is being Flawless? 
Well I have the answer, the answer is me.


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