I Am the Deviant

I am a giant in this world 
The genetic anomaly that everyone despises 
Screwing up the gene pool 
Making everything a mess 
Not because I am mutated but simply because I am different
I am a deviant from the well-beaten path that you call normality 
Forgetting all the social norms and freeing myself from all your chains 
The rules that you have lain down for us all to conform to 
I am not your puppet 
I am the rebellious marionette that cut its own strings 
Decided that life in a box was too boring 
And perhaps maybe my idea of standing alone 
Is not a bad one 
I am much rather, the hope that most others are unable to comprehend 
Because they are too busy offering others their backs 
To break whips on 
And in order to see this free happiness 
You must decide to stand rather than bow down to the stress of everyday life 
I yearn to be myself 
Not to be your puppet 
I am a bird with wings 
Made of serpentine scales rather than feathers 
Simply because I think they are more beautiful 
I know that if one was to hope just as much as I do 
That they would be as free as I am 
Bound only by my own body 
And limited only by my own sanity 


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