I Am Content

I am content in who I am,
I don't aspire to be another,
Nor do I seek glory,
But that doesn't mean I don't suffer.
Life is full of trials,
They test our resolve,
Tempt us to crumble,
To evolve,
To dissolve.
We are ridiculed,
We are scorned,
For being ourselves,
For being unadorned.
But that is reality,
That is true,
It's evident,
It's manifest,
Even though it is being made taboo.
We must resist,
Accept our imperfections,
Our flaws, our faults,
Because we are stronger than their rejections.
No matter the cost,
We must hold true to our personality,
Stand strong,
Stand as though you belong,
You have inside of you a unique individuality.


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