I am, Colors of life


                                     I am, Colors of life

©2014, D. G. Zarlenga PhD

(I release my copyright to this completion)


I dream over the wings of eagles.

The wind is my companion.

I soar up sunbeams. I am the light.

I kiss the clouds, and embrace the mist.

I sleep in the cradle of the moon. 

In the universe, I am but a twist.


The stars are my beacons.

The sun warms my dawn. 

The comets bring the aurora,

with their brilliant trails,

as a child of life, you see I am.

I live to be a gift, that I am. 


I dream over the wings of eagles.

As I breath in the ocean mist of a thousand seas.

I soar up celestial paths, the path, I am.

I set sail for unknown journeys.

And nestle with mystical flowers, 

that wander along my path.

I be, what I do not flee.  Free.                                  


I dream over the wings of eagles.

I am but a reflection of life.

Each day and night I am,

the colors of life. 

Guide that inspired this poem: 



To all humans.

Let us all heal ourselves and all others in this world.

Give up greed, and help others heal.

Be known on how to feel, to give, to heal, to love, to be of God.

See my poem on who I am:





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