I am of Color


United States

I am bilingual, and beautiful

I wonder why the worlds so cruel. 

I hear Oh's and Ah's when I say I am Latina and proud!

I see people of color everyday

I want equality in every way,

that's what i want.


I pretend to be happy at all times

But that's just impossible.

I feel hurt when I see discrimination

I touch the hearts of those who agree with me.

I worry about what others think of me.

And I cry when I struggle.

I am of color.


I understand nobodys perfect

And I say keep your head held high, andd be who you wanna be. 

I dream that equality exsisted, and discrimination didnt.

I challenge YOU to step in my shoes

I hope the world one day change,

for the better not the worse.

Becuase  I am of color

Be proud of who you are. 


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