I Am Change, But I Am Me


I see change

In every second there is change

Time pulls out of the past

into the present

this is the future.


We struggle to remain afloat in our ideas

who are we, what is our purpose?

What is purpose?


Purpose is irrelvant.

We are what we make ourselves to be,

We will always be victim to time, but we will never be its slave.


Time is infinite.

We have forever.

We have today.

We have everything.

We have nothing.


We are what we make ourselves to be.

I imagine me, I remember me, I am me.

I can always change, since I am only change.


Seconds are pulling at my edges.

Time is forming my experiences.

Time will be my adversary.

Time will be my enemy.


I am change, but I am me.


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