I am a Bother


Do you see them?

Those people right behind us?

Their happiness seems to stem,

Like a young girl in a fancy dress.


They pal around,

Without a care in the world.

And as they clown,

My mind whirls.


How could they act,

With such little concern?

While as I look back,

I could feel my heart churn.


Why should they get,

The perfect lives,

When my heart won't admit;

The thought of them in my life is like having hives.


Though their lives seem great,

My life doesn’t compare.

My family is more of a freight.

I can feel their loathing stares.


Not even my father,

The one who is supposed to love me,

Can pretend that I'm not a bother.

I'm the Mediterranean sea,

And they are the creatures trying to avoid pollution.



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