I am Better Than This


Something won't let me open up.

Maybe it's the looks of judgement from others that are really looks of envy.

I always feel like I am not living up to my full potential,

And it is the lack of confidence and fear that constantly slam into my mental.

I look into the mirror and i know that I'm better than this.

I can't bear the sight sometimes for i know my actions are full of lies.

I do not want to be this cold, emotionless creature.

However, life's punches and beatings have trained me to flinch and have this hard demeanor.

I care. I care too much truth be told.

And this hard facade is getting old.

It's time to show the true me,

and be the loving, caring soul I was put on Earth to be.

This is not the real me...All this toughness and anger.

Instead I need to channel all this hurt and negativity and put this pen to the paper.

Open up more. Smile more often.

And hopefully, people's image of me will soon soften.

I am better than this.




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