I Am Awesome

"Baseline," the lady yelled

We ran to the line to begin practice 

The sound of the whistle rung our ears and we sprinted to the other side and back

"Y'all call that running," the lady yelled asking 

The whistle rung our ears again as we sprinted to the other side and back again 

"Uh, y'all going to get beat by every team. I never seen nothing like it," exclaimed the lady

We were giving it our best yet she chose to discourage us

It's my senior year and I want to make playoffs 

But why must this lady constantly discourage us telling us we can't 

How can you trust me to play entire games, helping lead the team to victories but never give me credit 

Always looking down on me

Never giving me what I deserved 

Everybody see's it but you're so evil and prideful to admit your wrong

Colleges calling for me, yet you choose not to mention it 

But I'm glad I have a dream that I did not let die

You almost took my heart out of the game 

But I win because I am awesome 

I am awesome, I am great

Without your help, I have still been blessed to continue my career in college 

Thank you for not believing in me so I could believe in myself 



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