i am always here for you


inspire by: soulfuljay84 If you need someone to listen when you need to vent, i'm all ears, not to hear, but listen  If you ever feel down and blue , here's my shoulder , cry on it ( just be easy with snots lol)  I am open arms to embrace you with a hug if you ever need a friend  Here's my hand , for you to hold, cause you can always count on me.   With my mind, I understand you  without you telling me what you're thinking  I adore all the things you do.   With my lips,  I'll always tell you Im here for you, in case you don't believe me  i have to show you  you're someone I will never forget, your life is very precious to me  You're special just the way you are and I admire you to the fullest.   Don't you ever forget , Im here for you , and i will never leave you

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I really like your version alot. Very heartfelt. Oh..... you forgot the Ful in my usename its SoulfulJay84! smile :-). 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you so much

it's very heartfelt

i thank you for the inspiration-made the correction with yor username ;)

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