I Am


I am... smart funny cool.

I am... more than just a number more than just who you expect me to be

I am... special and ia m free of your judgement

I am... only me

I am more creative than Picasso and I am more spiritual than Ghandi, I can see things no one else can and I am the only me on this Earth. I am unique in that I care for others, people I don't know. I can stay positive when the going gets rough and I can find the light in the dark. I am capible of so much more than you or anyone else thinks, so let me show you who I can be.

I can feel your pain, even if you barely feel it yourself.

I can understand what your saying, even if you aren't saying it yet.

I can do anything if you would give me a chane instead of just giving me a glance, a shrug, no you're worthless. I will show the world how big of a difference I can make. I will show that I can and I will.


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