I AM the girl who loves coffee and good music Who loves to read and paint and sit and enjoy. Who loves to be at peace, floating through life. Who you can find in a big sweatshirt and panties, Without a care in the world.
I AM the girl who likes to seem mysterious, Wears her sadness like an interesting pendant. Who writes sad poetry and novels. Who wears her leather jackets religiously, And can seem very dark and alluring.
I AM the girl who will kiss her lover’s face, With a treasuring, adoring affection, Who would do anything for those she loves. Who will sleep in his shirts and dream of his voice, Falls hopelessly in love with he who has won her heart.
I AM the girl who stays up all night, Dancing and singing, mind racing, speakers blaring, Creating and moving and going crazy. Who likes fashion and city life.
I AM the girl who dreams of the city, the future. Who wishes for art school and a tiny apartment, Shared with her closest friend and lover. Who would do anything to achieve this dream.
I AM the girl who thinks of death as the end, Not necessarily soon but eventually, She will end her life on her own terms. Who can sit in the car and suddenly hope, To be hit by an oncoming cat, to just be done.
I AM the girl who spends hours outside, Tanning in a bathing suit she would never wear in public, Wasting hours reading in the sun, Letting it’s rays kiss her skin like a lover.
I AM the girl who believes in a god Not necessarily uniformly, conforming with a religion, But a sort of agreement between me And some celestial being I believe exists,
I AM the girl who loves cigarettes and adventure, In the middle of the night, drunk on adrenaline. Who could be anywhere at anytime, Unaffected by her fears and concerns.
I AM the girl with a million crazy theories Whose mind sees the worlds wonders, Translated into color, each color fascinating. Who likes to analyze and figure out and solve the world.
I AM not a girl who can fit in a little box. I am different and I have many sides. I doubt you know each personally and I don’t expect you to, I just want you to love me for who I am,
And not for who you want me to be.


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