I am From

I am from my Dad’s trumpet calls announcing early church services

I’m from words and phrases composed with love and tears

From late night prayers kneeling by my bed wrapped in more than just my pink blanket

I’m from laugh attacks trying to catch a breath


I am from long bus rides with my ipod plugged in to escape the noise of the kids

From loved ones screaming “Eli!”

To call, correct, comfort, and commend

I’m from eager and hyper jumps begging ma to let me go


I’m from the picture perfect family

Whose mistakes tear the edges of the seemingly flawless photo frame

From those that know how to say “I’m sorry”

And put God’s will before their own


I’m from dragon tales and princess stories

That send my imagination soaring

To foreign lands where age doesn’t matter

And love knows no end


I’m from the high expectations

But disappointing low outcomes

When my strength failed

And my actions detained the realization that Jesus was there


From blowing kisses heavenward

To say that I’m loved and have now learned to love

I’m from throwing my book across the room when angry or gripping it tight when intense

From romantic fantasies that make my heart flip and my emotions swirl


I am from Danny’s many demands and Ramuel’s many commands

From thinking differently and acting wisely

Treasuring each moment and marking it not forgotten

I’m from faith that increases and self that diminishes


From being the one who’s there for others

The one moved by the heartaches and problems

That try to drown the innocent child chained to the bottom

I am from passion and desire, never lukewarm or proud


I’m from van rides to the university in Orlando

Where we catch a glimpse of heaven

And are filled with joy and made bran new

From surrendering all in four days to follow him without retrain


I’m from a city that never sleeps

A town that never quiets

A street that feels like home

Labeled loud and Cuban


I’m from wondering and dreaming

About tomorrow and “could be”

And chasing after those wishes convinced of their near existence

Because I’m from a generation that gives up way to easily blinded by their self-ambition


I’m from the wind of the open car window that tangles my neatly calmed hair

The same wind that gently refreshes my flushed face as I race in my skates

From the falling and learning

Growing and stressing


I’m from the loud bang of the drums that move my feet to the front of the altar

Where I dance until the last word of the worship song

I am from the path less traveled by

The one with the narrow gate leading to everlasting




I really loved this.  You're passion for God makes this really beautiful. 


-From one narrow road walker to another


Thank you so much! He always has a way of shinning through :) 

God bless!


I absoloutely love "I Am From" poems.

This is wonderful.

Here's mine: 


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