I Am

I am a lover

Running my fingers through her hair

And gazing into those green, green eyes

Adoring the tilt of her head

And the lift of her lips

Their softness agonizingly sweet

As they press against mine


I am a sinner

Taking pleasure in the arms of my own gender

Leeching comfort from her soothing whispers

As hateful words fill my ears




I am that too I suppose

An abomination for choosing love over faith


I am a student

Forever seeking new knowledge

Chasing facts like I used to chase butterflies

Discovering that the more I know

The more I know I don’t know

And the deeper I delve

The more I wish I hadn’t known


I am a daughter

Perpetually grateful for the limitless love of my family

Discovering as I grow older

That my parents are not perfect

And they can fail

But loving them still

Now not just for giving me life

But for molding me into who I am today

Building me up

With praise and love and trust 


I am who I am

A composite of all my parts

As complex as the mysteries of the ocean

As beautiful as the mix of colors in the sky

When the sun sets behind the place I call home

As happy as the child me

Joyful and free

And as realistic as the young adult me

Observing, not just seeing

But together perennially seeking

A bright future that I hold as dear

As the old friend that is my past


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