I am from...


I am from a town called Houston, Texas
I can't even remember at all.
In which it is said to be hot enough to be able to cook an egg on the side walk.
I am from a useless, abusive father who chose drugs over us, rarely was at home
and is currently found laying down in his coffin.
Eyes closed, no movement, no breathing, just dead.
I am from a front row seat of my mother's fight
with a man who was like a perfect father to me.
A clear view of my daddy's tears and a clear sound of my mommy's scream
as she packs our clothes.
My daddy reaching out his hand towards me, hugging me tight as he spoke his last words to me.
"Promise me you won't call this new man, a 'father'."
I am from a new step-father with a new baby sister named Citlali
and a new baby brother named Benjamin.
I am from sitting inside my dark room alone crying in agony and pain
as I remember my dear friend who has passed away.
I am from visiting this annoying country called Mexico where I got sick and started to hate.
I am from my step-dad's harsh words being yelled at my face.
My mother's frequent fights with him
never failing to mention my name.
I am from a whole new me
who met and got to know my friends better.
I am from walking off of a large plane
into the airport with the hot mist hitting my face in Japan.
Where I stayed for two weeks learning so much about them.
I am from Mexico where my little cousin got hit by a car
two days after my arrival.

I am from my front desk
sitting in my chair, pulling on my necklace as I am thinking.
I am from a realization that I love my life now
and especially the people in it.


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