I Am From

“I Am From”

I am from many nights spent on the pitch,

with blood holes and sweat galore, drenched upon its drips.

I am from running the town busting late night missions.

Annually becoming those summer night traditions.

I am from fairy tales and childhood adventures,

to explorers and daydreamers, imagination quenchers.

I am from many performances on a big bright stage,

In front of a sea of eyes with various age.

I am from lying in the grass star gazing,

Too many dreams growing and blazing.

I am from long summer trips with many little toes,

To the sunny sands and waves of the great west coast.

I am from many families, to which I call my own,

Many years spent together, shared blood and bones.

I am from ice skating in the winter and bike rides in the summer.

From soccer games and football games, Friday nights spent at Hummer.

I am from the heart beat of Topeka, guitar picks and piano keys.

To lots of cheese, sweat teas, refried beans, and summer breeze.

I am from working out my body, my soul, and my spirit.

From building courage and growing with endurance.

I am from overcoming challenges with an iron fist.

From races with the sun, skin of summer kissed.

I am from a strong women and a kind hearted man.

From loud cheers and holding signs, always my number one fan.

I am from years of long haired look-alike sisters.

To brothers making me stronger through

Bruises, head locks, and blisters.

 I am from a long line of strivers, dreamers, and believers.

From break through leaders and achievers.

I am from the struggles of the travelers and explorers.

From great hardship and horrors.

I am from band nerds and team dinners.

From coming home with a heart of a winner.

I am from where I am with no shame.

Always carrying on the traditions, love, heart, and family name.


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