I am.......

I am…

By: Tahirah Rasheed


When she was born they gave her the name Tahirah which means pure.

So much potential to explore

A lovely looking little girl

With a father who took part in a bad decision

An with a mother who can't understand

How to take care of a child but is easily succumb to a man

That's when her grandmother stepped in

To take care of the child that her daughter birthed in the hospital bed

The child became confused

Didn’t understand why

Why she wasn't with her parents

She became an angry child

Needed someone to blame so she took it out on the person who helped

The grandmother


All the child did was fight

But fought the wrong fights

Fights with school mates even physical fights with friends

Depressed at all times

Not knowing how to be a social butterfly

Stayed at home most of the time because she didn't know what to do

Family wonders why she so mean

It's a build up of pain from her mother

The confusion of displacement

But they can't see

When she doesn’t cry, why aren't they worried

She’s been through so much that the pain is overtaking

Her relationships with others

She can't even have a real friendship because she doesn't know how to really connect with others


Now she’s growing up

Realizing things here and there
She knows why she gets so mad when people don't try to listen or hear

She's been an adult with her parents in her  growing years

Looked out for her brother, taking the blame for what he did

So he wouldn't get in trouble and get the repercussion in the end

So when it all changed with a fast switch up

She didn't know how to be a kid, she was a grown up

Only 8 years old and a mother to her own brother

Thats kind of messed up

But she held it in, just all bottled up


She grew up and realized

That her life was in her hands

She had to make a difference

FIgure some things out

Find who she was, even with all the doubt


Had to fight through all the  stereotypes because  of her mother

They all said:

She will dumb

she will stupid

she will  brainwashed from a man

stray away from her family because of the man

But who are they


I say:

She will be wise

She will find herself

She will be pure

She will find what love is

She will find happiness


This girl has been through alot

I am this girl 

I am…Strong

This poem is about: 
My family



I worked hard in trying in to explain my life without it being drawn out. I have a really hard time trying to express my feelings. Being able to even share this much of my life was a challenge. At times i second guessed myself, but i feel this is one step forward in gaining my life back and tellin my truth. I welcome your comments.

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